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BodyWork Commissions

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Gallery owner Wendy's Inspiration is not the exclusive privilege of poets and artists generally. There is, has been and always will be a certain group of people whom inspiration visits.


Wendy Thompson’s ability to see the world through ever-changing light and shape has been one continuous adventure, and it is her constant discovery of new creative challenges that has finally brought her to a place she now calls ‘home’.

It is said that if you have a job you love, then your work won't feel like work, but you still might be lucky enough to get paid for it.


Well, Michael is fortunate then. After a career in automotive industry sales management and business development, his time is now spent working with commercial partners, business organisations and individuals where products and markets merge to complement one another, and where there are opportunities to build new, long-term client relationships so that everybody benefits.


The world of art is of real interest to Michael, whose involvement in the aesthetic and passion fuelled world of Historic and Classic cars lends itself beautifully to a marriage between art and automobile…..and it was this that brought Wendy’s work to his attention.


On behalf of Wendy, Michael now, runs the front of house sales, marketing and business development activity of Thompson Gallery, where 2017 sees the launch of new artwork, new product applications, the new website and an electronic catalogue that together underpin the massively busy engine room that is Michael’s new office.


When not firing on all twelve cylinders in the Sales Bureau, he can be found racing historic cars or writing some more words of a book he will publish next year.


The DecoMetric* style that is Wendy’s abstract interpretation of sporting life and human form has exploded onto the scene and is now enjoying world-wide attention. The excitement surrounding it is palpable and is driving her soul towards new horizons as she develops not only her artwork but also a sales and marketing bureau to enable her followers to acquire and enjoy the artwork she creates.


Whatever inspiration is, it is clearly born of a continuous and unique curiosity that knows no limits.

Wendy Thompson

Michael Ryman